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The Wider Team Caring for You

Outpatient Clinic

Find out details about our clinic, which runs every Wednesday afternoon.  

Typically the clinic will be run by two consultant surgeons, an Aortic Fellow and a trainee cardiothoracic surgeon. Along side this team runs an Anaesthetic Clinic which you may also be asked to attend. The clinic is large and busy and we would ask you to attend early to facilitate time for any investigations and expect to stay for most of the afternoon.

Clinical Perfusion

Clinical Perfusionists are highly trained para-medical staff who help support your heart and lungs during surgery.

Rehabilitation Programme

Cardiac rehabilitation has been shown to have a significant impact on your health going forward.

The area is complicated in patients who have had an aortic operation and may have residual untreated segments.

The Team will guide you through what you are allowed to engage in with activity.

ITU Staff

Intensive Care is vital following aortic surgery. The clinical area is staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses who will help support the organs of your body following surgery.

Theatre Aortic Team

Wider Theatre Team

Theatre Staff

Theatre can be a forboding environment, however our staff will talk you through the process.

Aortic Administrative Staff

Motor Evoked Potential Team

Una Ahearn - Advanced Aortic Nurse Practitioner


The Aortic Team 2021 

Other Staff

  • Motor Evoked Potential Staff
  • Surgical Care Practitioners
  • Our Management Team