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Explain My Procedure is a helpful and informative patient resource featuring short animations on almost all cardiac procedures we perform at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.

These animations describe the procedures, their intended benefits, risks and alternatives in a patient friendly language. 

These animations can be watched an unlimited number of times, with family and friends, on a desktop, laptop or mobile.  It gives people the time they need to better understand their procedure.

Every person’s circumstances are different and whilst the animations from Explain My Procedure do not give individualised advice, they provide general information and are a really helpful starting point for discussion with your clinical team at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.

Accessing Explain My Procedure patient animations

Heart Procedure

Aortic Procedure

  • The passwords will be provided by your clinical team.
  • Animations are currently available in the following languages: English, Welsh and Polish. 
  • Simply choose your preferred language and scroll down to find the procedure relevant to you.

Radiology Procedure

  • If you are awaiting a radiology procedure (CT Guided Lung Biopsy, CT Coronary Angiogram, Cardiac MRI), please click on the following link to access the full library of animations