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Our Research Streams and Groups 

Here at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, we have four main research streams and groups as outlined below. 



Cardiology Clinical Trails within the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital have been established for many years.​

  • The results of Research are used to provide optimum treatment for our current patients and those of the future. Research developments help inform care delivery and our involvement in clinical trails ensures we deliver best evidence based practice.​

  • Within the Trust there are currently several International Clinical Trails in progress. They cover areas such as cardiac devices which include amongst others stents and pacemakers. At present we are recruiting patients to a large Multi Centred International Study that is comparing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery to Coronary Stenting. The results of this Study could have a major impact on the treatment of patients in the future.​

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital strive to offer our patients cutting edge, specialist treatment.  ​

  • Our respiratory research team contribute to large national and international studies as well as local pilot studies, all of which aim to make significant advances in the treatment options offered to patients.​

  • Co-ordinated by a nurse led team at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, TIDES is a research study which aims to enhance our understanding of the psychological impact of Cystic Fibrosis upon patients and their families.​

  • The clinical trails we are currently involved in are detailed and numerous but largely focus on the safety, efficacy and tolerability of new drugs and treatments.  ​

  • We hope that through our involvement in a variety of research studies we are able to extend our clinical knowledge and have a meaningful impact upon all aspects of patient care and clinical practice. ​



At Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, we contribute to numerous clinical trials involving patients undergoing surgery procedures.​

Our current portfolio includes:​

  • A national trial examining the use of post surgical blood  transfusions. It aims to establish if a reduction in the amount of blood transfusions received by patients could result in better patient outcomes following surgery. This national trial aims to improve post surgical wound healing and could reduce the length of patients hospital stay.​
  • Clinical trials that look to improve outcomes for patients with kidney disease undergoing surgical procedures. Through filtering patient’s blood during surgery it is hoped the need for dialysis post surgery may be reduced, decreasing the amount of time patients spend in hospital and the discomfort of dialysis after surgery.​
  • Examining the use of antibiotics following admission to critical care.  Researchers wish to establish if the total amount of common drugs prescribed could be reduced to prevent resistance to antibiotics​


Leading the way in improving outcomes for lung cancer patients at LHCH with innovative research.​

  • The benefits of screening patients who are at high risk of lung cancer​
  • Cancer vaccines to stimulate the immune system to be able to recognise cancer cells as abnormal and destroy them.​
  • The use of Epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors to stop the cancer cells from dividing and therefore growing.​
  • The use of erythropoietin to stimulate the body to make more red blood cells as a treatment for anaemia which may occur during chemotherapy treatment.
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