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Continuance of healthcare requests

This procedure is only for use by other healthcare providers when requesting access to health record information required to support ongoing patient healthcare. 

This form is not for use by organisations such as solicitors, insurance companies, the police, councils, etc requiring health records for non-care purposes. These organisations must provide a request in writing to the Trust and enclose the appropriate consent form from the patient.

Requests are to be submitted using our electronic form; telephone requests will not be accepted and no information will be disclosed verbally. A written request will always be required. 


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The hospital will aim to respond as soon as possible within the following timescales:

▪ Standard requests within 2 to 3 working days
▪ Urgent requests within 1 to 2 working days

Requests received after 4:30 pm will be deemed to be next business day work and will be processed accordingly. 

In line with Caldicott guidelines all disclosures will be proportionate to the individual request. Full and complete copy health records will not be provided. It is your responsibility as the requesting Trust to obtain patient consent to obtain relevant records, and, if required, providing proof of consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

Once the records are disclosed, you will become data controller for information provided to you and you will be responsible for complying with the data protection law and the rights granted to patients regarding their data. 

Disclosure will be made by secure email. 

Please direct any queries to Information Governance or 0151 600 1845, other departments, including medical secretaries, will be unable to assist you.