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Spiritual Care

We are here to help you through this time. The hospital chaplains are always available for you, your loved ones, friends and families at any stage along your journey. 

Our chaplains are part of churches and other faith groups, bu tare more than pleased to relate to people of different faith experiences and none at all. 

We are available to offer prayers or times of reflection at appropriate phases of your journey or to spend time with you at any stage. 

The Hospital Chapel, St Luke's, and multi-faith prayer room are available for your use at any time.

They are currently located at the end of the surgical corridor. 

The chaplains can meet you on the wards, in the office, in the mortuary for viewings or any other appropriate venues. We can also assist with any funeral arrangements or memorial services in accordance with your loved ones' wishes.

Feel free to contact us through the hospital staff or directly on Ext 6235.