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Patient Safety Partners

The Patient Safety Partner (PSP) is a new and evolving role developed by NHS England to help improve patient safety across health care in the UK.

Here at Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Foundation Trust we are excited to welcome a team of PSPs to work alongside our staff, patients, service users and families to influence and improve safety within our services. PSPs can be patients, service users, carers, family members or other lay people (including NHS staff from another organisation). This is a great opportunity to share your interests, experiences, and skills to help develop the new PSP role and be a part of our team.

The role of Patient Safety Partners

  • Helping make sure patient safety is at the forefront of all we do
  • Membership of safety and quality committees
  • Involvement in patient safety improvement projects
  • Working with the Board of Directors to consider how to improve safety
  • Involvement in staff patient safety training
  • Participation in investigation oversight groups

We recently recruited 3 Patient Safety Partners (PSPs) to support our patient safety work by making sure the patient’s voice is heard throughout our processes. This is a new role which will develop over time and we will consider whether further PSP recruitment is needed to support the patient safety work at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.

To learn more about what their role entails and view details for possible recruitment please visit the Meet the Patient Safety Partners webpage.