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Volunteering at LHCH


Can you make a difference? Yes you can! 

We have a dedicated team of valued volunteers who work across the hospital and they range between 16 and 86 years of age.

Volunteers support our patients, their families, visitors and staff to support the services and care that we provide.

Where to find our volunteers

  • Meet and greet/Outpatients 

We have a team of volunteers based in main reception, whose role is to welcome patients and visitors to the Trust and assist or escort them to their destinations.  Our volunteers will also gladly return and collect visitors to escort them back to their place of arrival. 

  • Wards

We have volunteers on our wards that assist staff, help to give refreshments to patients, run errands for patients and help with patient surveys.  Our volunteers also spend time chatting with patients who, otherwise, may feel lonely and isolated during their stay. 

  • How to identify our volunteers

They are instantly and easily identifiable by their purple LHCH uniform alongisde their orange identification badges.  

Why volunteer

People volunteer for a variety of reasons:

  • To meet new people
  • To help and support people in the community
  • To gain confidence
  • To give something back to society
  • To develop existing skills and knowledge
  • To improve employment prospects
  • CV enhancement

What do our volunteers do

The role of our volunteers is to support patient and visitors to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital and to enhance the work of our staff.

What our volunteers don't do

Our volunteers do not undertake a role that a paid member of staff would usually do.