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Private Patients at The Rowan Suite

    Private Patients at The Rowan Suite

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    For full details about the private patient services and facilities at LHCH, please visit The Rowan Suite


    Competition & Markets Authority – Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014.

    Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust fully complies with the requirements of the above Order.

    We do not provide any services to private-patient referring clinicians that are classified as “Higher Value” or “Lower Value” by the Order, nor do we provide any corporate hospitality to referring clinicians. No referring clinician has a financial interest in the private patient facilities at the hospital or the equipment used. No referring clinicians hold part-time positions in our private patient facilities. We are fully compliant with our obligations to submit data to the Private Healthcare Information Network and support our clinicians in their obligations to report consultant-level information.

    Any questions on the Order and LHCH’s actions can be obtained from: LHCH Private Patients Enquiry