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Falls Prevention

Please take some time to watch this short patient information video on falls prevention at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. 

Slips, Trips and Falls

Patient falls in hospital are one of the most common incidents reported to the Nation Patient Safety Agency (NPSA). 

The majority of falls in hospital cause no harm to the patient, but it can be upsetting and lead to mobility problems and affect a person’s confidence.

Most falls occur when patients are walking to the toilet or bathroom.

We have done a lot of work on helping to prevent patients from falling.  We will check on your comfort regularly to ensure your needs are met, however you can help us to help you by:

  • Using your call bell to ask for assistance from nursing staff to walk to the toilet or bathroom until you feel confident you can manage alone.
  • Wearing well fitting slippers with non slip soles (not mules/crocs/flip flops).
  • Wearing your glasses if required.
  • Asking for assistance if you have something to carry.
  • Using your call bell for assistance when you need help.
  • Securely tying pyjama bottoms so they are less likely to fall down.
  • If you have white anti embolism stockings on, ensure you wear your slippers while mobilising. 
  • Always asking for assistance when you require help.