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Know the 5 Rights

Do you know your 5 Rights?

Are you D/deaf, blind, visually impaired, do you have a speech or language difficulty, or any other communication needs?

If so, did you know that the NHS is required to follow these 5 steps to help support you:

  1. Ask if you have any communication needs
  2. Record those needs on your health records
  3. Ensure that those needs are easy to see on your records
  4. Share those needs with other services if you are being referred
  5. Make sure those needs are met as part of ALL your care.

You get to say what your needs are. Examples could be requesting things like the NHS booking an interpreter for your appointment, translating a letter, or emailing information to you.

What if this doesn’t happen?

You have the right to complain. You can do this at any time by contacting NHS Liverpool CCG’s Complaints Team:

  • Call: (0151) 247 6454
  • Email:
  • Write to: Complaints, NHS Liverpool CCG, The Department, Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 1JX

Our commitment

The NHS in Liverpool has developed the ‘5 Rights campaign’ to help support more awareness amongst NHS staff and patients.

Over the coming weeks, a range of information posters, leaflets, and other resources will be displayed in local GP surgeries, health centres, and hospitals across Merseyside, to help raise more awareness of this important message amongst NHS staff and patients.

In addition, we will also be providing information cards displaying the 5 Rights to people who have communication needs to keep with them and use if they need to explain their rights, or aren’t getting the care they need.

Accessing emergency care

Did you know that if you have a communication need, you can alert the emergency services at any time using either Emergency SMS or Relay Assist from anywhere in the UK?

What do I need to do?

  • To using Emergency SMS

Text the word 'register' to 999 to set up the service on your mobile phone or device. Or go to:

  • To use Relay Assistant

Dial ‘18000’ through the Next Generation Text (NGT) app or from any textphone to get set up, or for further information go to: for further information.

Don't leave it until you need it, that's too late. Do it now, just in case.