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Cath Labs

Ward Manager Contact Details

Adam Leatherbarrow is the Cath Lab Matron

Jeanette Broome is the Senior Nurse Manager and Matron for the Cath Labs

They can be contacted via the hospital switchboard 0151 600 1616 


We have five cardiac Catheter Laboratories (Cath Labs); three for coronary intervention and two for heart rhythm management.

The labs are supported by three forward wait areas and a three bed recovery unit.

What type of patients come to the Cath Labs?

Patients undergoing percutaneous procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of cardiac conditions. 

Special Instructions for Patients

All patients receive a letter pre-admission with specific pre-procedure information.

Finding Cath Labs

Cath Labs is situated on the left corridor as you enter through the hospitals switchboard.(LHCH Reception). Please See our 'Hospital Site Map' for further guidance, or alternatively you can ask for directions at the hospitals reception/switchboard.

What we do

In the cath lab we perform both elective and emergency angiograms and angioplasty (PCI) for patients with coronary heart disease (angina, heart attack). The majority of our PCI is performed radially with patients undergoing procedures in their own clothes (a UK first in Cardiology).  Our PCI procedures are mostly performed under local anaesthetic only. Patients are awake and watching the screen as the procedure takes place with continued support and discussion with the clinical team.

We perform Electrophysiology studies (EP) for patients with heart rhythm problems (AF, flutter, VT). This is a large and growing EP service which is one of the largest in the UK. These procedures are performed either with sedation or under general anaesthetic. For these procedures we have a specially designed lounge suit that patients wear to ensure dignity is maintained at all times.

We provide the Primary PCI (Heart attack service) for a catchment area of 2 million people.

What we have at Cath Labs

The department comprises of 5 cardiac catheterisation laboratories ,a newly redesigned forward waiting area and a newly built 6 bedded spacious recovery area. The cath lab transfer team are the staff that escort patient to and from the department. If patients wish to walk to the department they are able to do so providing they are well enough.

Services within cath lab are continuing to expand and the cardioversion and bronchoscopy services from Holly suite are supported by the cath lab recovery team.

The cath labs are large clinical rooms with x-ray equipment in them which allows for good views of the heart. The bed is narrow and high so a small step is used to help patients up.

Patients are involved with the cath lab WHO safer procedure checklist and the team brief. Patients are encouraged to speak up and get involved with the team.

The x-ray equipment moves around the bed to get different views of the heart. Sometimes the cameras come very close to patients faces to get the best angle. The radiographers ensure that the patient is always aware of this and it never touches the patient. The reason it is so close is to reduce radiation exposure.


During the procedure when the cameras are in position, the nursing team are unable to stand right next to the patient and the Doctor has a shield by his face. This is for radiation protection of the staff in the lab. The team are always available should any support be required, the patient can always see the staff and they will be there when needed.