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Holly Suite

We would like to welcome you all to Holly Suite

Our innovative Holly Suite opened to our first patients on 17th February 2014. The new ward, Holly Suite, has been built based upon the success of the ‘lounge area’ in the previous day ward, where patients had enjoyed a relaxed care environment since 2009.

We are now able to offer these facilities and an enhanced experience to all cardiac and thoracic patients who come to the hospital for a day case procedure. Holly Suite offers a number of options to our patients to optimise their comfort and happiness during their time on the ward.

Ward Manager Contact Details

Victoria Rouse

Telephone: 0151 600 1459


Ward Telephone: 0151 600 1180 

Patient Liaison Contact Details

Jacky Rice

Telephone: 0151 600 1322


About Holly Suite

  • On arrival please report to Holly Suite.
  • Holly Suite is a mixed sex ward.
  • Please do not bring large amounts of cash or valuables.
  • Bring all current medication in original containers.
  • Ambulances are only provided on medical grounds. Please ensure your return journey is also booked prior to admission.
  • If you are taking warfarin please bring your INR book.

Family Information

  • Each patient can bring one visitor.
  • Restaurant and shop facilities are available for visitors near to the ward.
  • A visitor’s room is available close to the ward with a TV and drink facilities.
  • A pager is available from nursing staff for relatives wishing to leave the ward and be contacted by nursing staff when patients return to the ward following their procedure.

The Lounge

The Lounge has been specifically designed to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for patients who are admitted for a range of procedures including angiography and angioplasty.

Patients will be accommodated here before and after their procedure.

This area will be staffed by members of the nursing team and any clinical intervention will be carried out in a private room nearby. Whilst every effort is made to make the area relaxed and your experience positive, safety is paramount and all usual standards of infection prevention and privacy that you would expect will be maintained. The lounge is designed to create a relaxed atmosphere with comfortable seating and access to refreshments throughout the day. 

In the lounge you can expect to find:

  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Soft drinks and water fountain
  • Internet and computer access
  • Television
  • Comfortable and relaxed seating 
  • Various games and reading materials 
  • Daily newspapers and magazines 
  • Lockers for storing your belongings 
  • Massage chairs

If you are to be admitted to the Lounge please:

  • Wear one layer of light clothing over your underwear, e.g. T-shirt or short sleeved shirt or blouse and casual trousers/jogging pants.  Please ensure this garment is plain, free from metal attachments or design and of low cost to yourself, as it may get damaged during your procedure.  You will remain in this clothing throughout your stay.
  • Ladies may wear a bra – under wired bra’s and those with metal clasps or attachments are not  permitted
  • Please limit visitors to 1 per patient.
  • Bring only necessary items and medication into hospital.

Visiting Times

Holly Suite is open 7.30am – 8pm and has an open visiting policy.

Meal Times

Hostess will be available at 12pm and 5pm, however nursing staff will provide meals as patients require.

Finding Holly Suite

Holly Suite is located close to the LHCH Switchboard.

If however you enter through the Broadgreen main entrance, please feel free to ask a member of staff for directions. Their are also a number of signs throughout the hospital to guide people around the hospital. 

Our Award Winning Approach

At the 2010 Liverpool PCT Awards for Quality Improvement and Patient Experience we were awarded the Patient Experience award for "maximising dignity through the Day Lounge approach".

Commenting on the approach, the PCT stated; "this is an environment that enhances the patient journey and wellbeing both pre and post procedure. The relaxed area is more reminiscent of an airport business lounge than a hospital setting putting the patients immediately at ease. The success of the Day Lounge is clear to see - patients and staff both love this model of care and patient safety along with quality of care has improved".

The Trust has built on the success of this approach, provided in the previous ‘Day Ward’ and enhanced this with the new state of the art facilities provided within Holly Suite.