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Coronary Care Unit

CCU nurse and patient

Our team would like to welcome you to the Coronary Care Unit at LHCH

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Ward Manager Contact Details

Emma Miello-Constantine

Tel: 0151 600 3077


Ward Telephone: 0151 600 1173/ 0151 600 1174

Visiting Times

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital operates an open door policy for family and friends. This means that wherever possible, we welcome you spending time with your loved ones when it is convenient for you. While we know that patients need rest, we also believe that having loved ones nearby, while they are in hospital, often makes them more comfortable and speeds up their recovery. As a family member, carer or friend of a patient, we know that your needs are also important, especially during this often stressful time. We want you to feel part of their journey through our hospital and be as involved in their care, and we call this our Care Partner Programme. More information about this is available on the ward.  

There may be times when we may ask you to leave, for example, during medical procedures or emergencies. However if this is necessary, we would discuss it with you at the time.

Please note that you are welcome on our Critical Care Unit and POCCU between 8-9am and 12-8pm. However if this is not suitable, you may visit outside of these hours – please discuss this with the nurse caring for your relative. 

Access to the Ward

  • From the LHCH main entrance, follow the internal signage past Theatres and up the sloped corridor towards Critical Care / Coronary Care Unit.
  • Access control is in place at all times from the main corridor and you will be required to press the buzzer to speak with a member of the ward.