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Our Outcomes

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is an active participant along with other trusts in publishing detailed information on the safety and quality of care provided as part of the transparency agenda.

Safe Staffing Levels

All trusts with inpatient beds, including Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, are required to publish information about staffing levels on each ward, together with the percentage of shifts meeting safe staffing guidelines. 

This will help patients, families and members of the public see clearly how hospitals are performing on this indicator in an easy and accessible way.

At LHCH we take the care of our patients very seriously and already have a number of mechanisms in place to ensure that our wards are safely staffed. Each month, we will publish information about our staffing levels here, to public meetings of our Board of Directors and also via the NHS Choices website

Find out more from our Safe Staffing Level Reports and Publications  

Consultant Outcomes

NHS England now publishes mortality rates for individual hospital consultants in ten specialties. This leads a push to give patients more information about their treatment, helping the NHS drive up and maintain the quality of care.

The data, which will be refreshed annually, covers around 3,500 consultants and can be found on the NHS Choices website

At LHCH, we have published named consultant outcomes for many years and believe being open and transparent with the public about the quality of care we provide is paramount.


At Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital we always seek to learn from your experience and from the complaints that we receive. 

We monitor and report on the numbers of complaints we receive per quarter and any learning or trends that arise. All complaints and the learning from complaints are discussed at the relevant governance committees and any learning or actions are managed through the committee.