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Pressure Ulcers

About The Tissue Viability Service


The Tissue Viability Service provides specialist assessments, advice and management for patients who are under the care of LHCH who have active wounds or are at risk of developing wounds, including pressure ulcers or moisture associated skin damage during their in-patient stay with us.

The service is a nurse-led speciality that operates in a multi-professional way to promote the prevention, assessment, treatment and management of a variety of wounds. In addition to providing support and advice to staff in managing wounds, the service is proactive in ensuring the delivery of planned and targeted education programmes to ensure the delivery of evidence based and clinically effective care.  Documentation, policy and guidelines, staff satisfaction and patient experience are monitored to ensure that there is continuous quality improvement in the service.

Our aim is to ensure the safety of our patients while they are under our care.

As such, the Tissue Viability Service closely monitors pressure ulcer incidence (ie new pressure ulcers that occur) and implements actions to reduce similar occurrences in the future.

The hospital has a strong safety focused culture and as a result of this, over the last few years, has set up a very positive reporting system and backed this up by appropriate training and education to allow staff to recognise every incidence of pressure ulcer, irrespective of severity.

We are proud to have made some significant changes in the Trust that have impacted on reducing our number of hospital acquired pressure ulcers, including the implementation of new products to reduce pressure and ensuring appropriate resources including mattresses and cushions to be used as part of an overall pressure ulcer prevention plan.

Our staff receive regular and up to date training to be able to implement up to date, evidence based care. Recommendations are taken from national guidance including NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) and incorporated into a guideline which our staff work to. 

Tissue Viability Service Contact Details

  • Julie Tyrer, Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse
  • Tel: 0151 600 1324
  • Email: 

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