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Religion and Belief

Therefore, we are committed to helping and supporting patients and families in any needs they may have, whatever their religion or belief. If you wish to be visited by a representative of your faith please let a member of staff know and we will arrange this for you.    

Chaplains are available to patients, relatives and staff at any time:

  • To listen and talk to those of any faith and none
  • To help individuals place their illness in the context of their lives – to find consolation or meaning in pain, suffering and confusion
  • To discuss their own feelings, anxieties and fears, and those of their family (both spoken and unspoken)
  • To offer time and space for spiritual reflection – to bring out an individual’s own hidden strengths which can lead to a sense of wholeness and inner healing
  • To share in people’s happiness as well as sadness
  • To look forward to the future with hope

The Chaplaincy team comprises of representatives of the Church of England and Roman Catholic Churches, who are on call at all times.

The Hospital Chapel and Multi-Faith Prayer Room are located on the main Broadgreen Surgical Corridor, near to the Restaurant and Shop, and are open from 6am – 9pm for private prayer and reflection for patients, staff and the general public.  

Services in the Hospital Chapel are held at the following times:

Church of England Eucharist:  

Sunday- 3.45pm

Wednesday- 12.30pm

Roman Catholic Mass:             

Sunday- 11.00am

Tuesday - 12 noon