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We would like to welcome you to LHCH Theatres

We have six cardiac theatres, two thoracic theatres, one pacing theatre and one endoscopy suite. These are served by Meadow Suite and a nine-bed recovery unit. Our theatres cater for patients requiring cardiac and thoracic surgery, pacing procedures and endoscopic procedures.

Instructions for Patients

All patients receive a letter pre-admission with specific pre-operative information. If you have any concerns regarding the information that you have been sent, please notify the hospital prior to your admission/your nurse caring for you, and we will assist you.

On arrival to theatre, we will aim to make your stay in the department as comfortable as possible, prior to your operation, providing warm blankets for those that would like them.

We strive to keep the environment calming and supportive to all patients. A television/radio is available in the Meadow Suite (forward waiting area) should you wish to watch/listen to this. If you wish to speak to the Sister, Matron or Doctor, please make us aware of this at your earliest convenience.

Please contact Theatre Reception for any enquiries via 0151 600 1234.

Theatre Matron

  • Kate Burke 
  • Telephone: 0151 600 1547
  • Email:

Theatre Business Manager

  • Pat Routledge
  • Telephone: 0151 254 3128
  • Email

Theatre Operational Support Manager

  • Tracy Roberts
  • Telephone: 0151 600 1986
  • Email

Theatre Sister

  • 0151 600 1294/ 1295

Theatre Team Manager/Training Lead

  • Julie Fletcher
  • Telephone: 0151 600 1514
  • Email: