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What we do at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

We are a twice Outstanding rated specialist trust.


Our vision is 'to be the best' - leading and delivering outstanding heart and chest care and research.

We serve a catchment area of 2.8 million people across Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales, Isle of Man, and beyond for other specialist services. 


We provide specialist services in:

cardiology Cardiothoracic Surgery

cardiology (2) Cardiology

lungs Respiratory medicine

breathing Adult cystic fibrosis

scanner Diagnostic imaging

location Hospital-based and out in the community

We have: 

staff 1,900 staff

beds 181 beds

doctor 9 theatres

robot 1 surgical robot

cath lab 5 catheter laboratories 

location multiple community venues

Each year we see:

inpatient 13,000 inpatients

outpatient 70,000 outpatients

virtual appointment 30,000 virtual appointments