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New Patients to LHCH CF Service

We receive handover

  • The team looking after you will provide us with a summary handover about you. This is really important to allow us to have an understanding of your current health and your medications. It is very important that we are informed of what you grow in your sputum as we group patients based on what may grow in your sputum.

Meet one of our CF Specialist Nurses at your hospital

  • Once we have received all of your information one of our CF Specialist Nurses will attend an appointment at your hospital. You will be given an allocated CF Nurse for your first year with us.

Look around our centre

  • We will then invite you for a visit to tour the ward and outpatient area prior to your first clinic appointment. You’re welcome to bring someone with you for this tour. You will be greeted by one of our CF nurse Specialist at the main entrance. It is a good idea to write down any questions you may have before coming to visit and we will try our best to answer them.

First clinic visit

  • You will receive a date for your first clinic visit with us. When you arrive at the hospital, please make your way to the Liverpool Heart and Chest Outpatients’ clinic. It’s here that you will meet all of our CF team, be assessed and your treatment will be discussed with you. At this first clinic appointment your paediatric team may be present to complete your handover.


What should I expect on my clinic appointments?

Your will routinely be seen in clinic. This will be either in the outpatient department or in our virtual clinic using the Attend Anywhere platform.

If you are unwell and need to be seen before the provided appointments, then please contact the CF nurses to discuss when you can attend outside your usual clinic timeslot.