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IVs in Hospital

Our admission process

You will be admitted to Cherry Ward to get the appropriate treatment to make you feel well again. You will be provided with a contract of care that needs to be adhered to throughout you admission.

As an inpatient you will be reviewed by a consultant-led ward round twice a week, this helps to make sure your health is improving. You will also be reviewed by all the other team members who need to be involved in your care to help you to get better.


In line with Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital No Smoking policy, patients or visitors are not allowed to smoke anywhere on site.


In Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital we encourage you to be responsible for taking your own medications, including tablets, liquids and nebulisers. If this is new to you, the nursing staff will help you on admission. You will be asked to bring all your medication and equipment in from home to allow this.


At Liverpool Heart and Chest we have open visiting times, this means that during the day your visitors can come at any time. Visitors may be asked to leave your room for treatment or care to be given. 

Cross infection

In order to minimise cross infection, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust advises no social contact with other patients with Cystic Fibrosis.

When admitted on the ward we will ask you to exercise personal responsibility and adhere to the contract of care, you are not allowed to enter other rooms or be moving around the ward as this increases cross infection risk to others and yourself. If such behaviors are carried out you will be given a formal warning and if repeated you may be discharged.

If you have any questions about cross infection, do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

Alcohol rub is available inside and outside every side room. This is can be used by hospital staff and relatives prior to patient contact.

Please inform the staff if you are leaving the ward.

General Information

Patients are allowed to leave ward areas, i.e. to go to the shop or home for a couple of hours, once all your treatment is completed e.g. IVs, physio and exercise for the day. This does need to be arranged with a member of the ward staff to minimize cross infection risk.

Overnight leave for exceptional circumstances must be discussed with the Consultants and / or the Specialist CF nurses and will be granted on an individual bases.

Time off the ward in the day will be negotiated if you are managing all treatment needed during your hospital stay.

Whilst you are a patient at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital the staff will endeavour to maintain and respect your privacy at all times.