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Your Procedure


After being listed for the procedure, you may be asked to attend Outpatient Department to discuss your admission to this hospital.

At this appointment you will be seen by a Clinical Nurse Practitioner who will check that you are fit for your procedure and will provide you with important information about coming into hospital. You can eat and drink as normal prior to this appointment. You may bring a family member or friend if you wish.


On the Day of Your Procedure

You may be asked to report to Holly Suite where the team will be expecting you.

If your procedure is scheduled to take place in the morning please arrive by 8.00 a.m. Please do not have anything to eat after midnight; you may drink water only until 6am on the day of your planned procedure.

If your procedure is scheduled to take place in the afternoon please arrive at approximately 11.00 a.m. You may have a light breakfast at 6.00 a.m. You may continue to drink water only, up to 10.00 a.m.

Immediately After Your Procedure

Wound care

It is advised to rest your arm (on the side of the device) for two days for your own comfort and then to start mobilizing as usual. It is recommended that you avoid very expansive arm movements (e.g. golf swing) for at least 4-6 weeks following implant. Please see the cardiac rehabilitation section for more information about exercise.

Clinic visit

You will be invited to attend a clinic appointment 6-8 weeks after your ICD implant. 


Keep your shoulder mobile but refrain from lifting your arm above your head. See cardiac rehabilitation section for more information about exercise.


After having an ICD implanted you will not be able to drive immediately. Patients with primary preventions ICD cannot drive for four weeks. Patients with secondary prevention ICD cannot drive for six months. There are also driving restrictions if you receive a shock from your ICD.

The DVLA website has further advice about this.

ICD Information Group

You will be invited to attend an ICD Information Group which runs every 6-8 weeks. This group is designed to provide you with more information about your ICD and is a good opportunity to ask questions.

ICD Information Card

You will receive a yellow ICD Information Card which has information about your ICD (model and serial no.). It also provides LHCH contact information. It is important to keep your ICD card with you at all times especially if you are travelling (you will need this at the airport).