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Shock Plan

Your ICD is continually monitoring your heart rhythm. It is programmed to deliver a shock if it detects a life threatening rhythm. If this happens you may feel unwell before a shock is given. 

If you receive a shock, try to stay calm. It will not affect anyone touching you. It can help to be with someone.  

What to do when you receive a shock from your ICD:

  • If you receive one shock and you feel okay, call the ICD clinic tel.: 0151 600 1714 (9am- 5pm Mon- Fri) and you will be seen on the same or next working day. For out of hours advice please contact LHCH switchboard (tel.: 0151 600 1616) and ask them to bleep the Cardiology Registrar on call.
  • If you receive one shock and you feel unwell or if you receive two or more shocks attend your local A&E.
  • In any case if you are able, send a remote device download (via your remote monitor) to LHCH