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Post-operative outpatient clinic review

Around 6-8 weeks after your discharge, you are invited back to see the surgical team in the outpatient clinic at LHCH. This is normally in the clinic of your own consultant, but you may be seen by any member of the team, most often one of the surgical registrars rather than your operating consultant. 

** Please remember to bring your current medication list with you **

During this consultation, you will: 

  • be asked about your symptoms compared to before the operation 
  • be asked about your exercise ability (how far you can walk) 
  • have any tests required by your consultant (e.g. ECG or CXR) 
  • have a clinical examination of your wounds, chest and legs 
  • have your medications checked 

If you are doing well, you are likely to be discharged from the care of the cardiac surgery team at this appointment.