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Clinical Health Psychology Team

Meet the Clinical Health Psychology Team

The Clinical Health Psychology service is made up of Clinical Psychologists, other applied psychologists, and other psychological practitioners (including Assistant Psychologists and Associate Psychological Practitioners). We aim to match patient needs to the psychologists’ skills. All patients are offered an assessment appointment at first to understand which intervention is most suitable and which professional they would be most suited to working with.

Our clinicians have specialist knowledge within the areas they work, understanding the unique challenges these conditions bring and the physical, psychological, and social needs that can arise. We currently work with services based within Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital and with a variety of local and regional community services. These services include:

Hospital-Based Services (at LHCH)

  • Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD)
  • Critical Care
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Inherited Cardiac Conditions (ICC)
  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD)
  • Clinical Ward support: inpatient referral support across all LHCH wards

Community-based Services

  • Knowsley Community Respiratory Service (Knowsley)
  • Long Covid (Cheshire & Merseyside)
  • Knowsley Cardiac Rehabilitation Service
  • Cheshire Primary Care Psychology Service (for patients with cardiac and respiratory disease)

All the services provide specialist assessment and psychological treatments, delivered 1-1 or via group treatments. Also supporting clinical management on the wards, as required.

1-1 therapies can be delivered remotely (telephone or virtually) or face to face, on-site at LHCH or in community-based clinics and group treatments are also offered.

Who we are:

Head of Service

Dr Mark Griffiths:  Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist & Head of Psychology

I joined Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital in January 2020 as the Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist & Professional Lead for Psychology Services at LHCH.  

I began my clinical career in 1998, initially working in Older Adults Psychology services and then specialising in physical health. I have spent the many years since, working in, developing and leading clinical health psychology and neuropsychology services across a variety of settings. 

I lead our hospital’s  Clinical Health Psychology Department , leading and supporting the team, in the delivery of our services. 

Below are some of the other staff that work within the Clinical Health Psychology department:

Dr Liliana Loftus – Consultant Clinical Psychologist – Long COVID Service (Cheshire & Merseyside)

Dr Louise Roper- Principal Health Psychologist- Lead for Staff Support

Dr Liz Simon: Principal Clinical Psychologist - Critical Care

Dr Julia Boot: Principal Clinical Psychologist - Cheshire Primary Care Psychology Service (cardiac and respiratory disease) and Knowsley Community Respiratory Service

Dr Jessica Deol: Senior Clinical Psychologist – Adult Congenital Heart Disease


Dr Madeline Pasterfield: Senior Clinical Psychologist - Inherited Cardiac Conditions service, Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators Service and Knowsley Cardiac Rehabilitation service


Dr Alexandra Boughey: Senior Clinical Psychologist – Cystic Fibrosis Service


Additional members of the staff also support service delivery, across service areas, under the department.