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What is Clinical Health Psychology?

Physical health conditions mean that there are changes in our body - living with these changes can also have an impact on other areas of life including work, relationships, hobbies, and social life. This can change how individuals think and feel about themselves, other people, and the future.

Coping with changes in health, or with a long-term condition can be difficult. Sometimes mental health difficulties can also make it more difficult for an individual to look after their health conditions or engage in their medical care.

The Clinical Health Psychology team support individuals to live a meaningful life while managing their health condition. Appointments might focus on helping with problems with anxiety, low mood, changes in self-esteem, ‘thinking’ difficulties (cognitive functioning), or in helping with general coping or adjustment difficulties in the face of the condition.

Psychologists do not prescribe medicine; we use talking therapies to support people; by helping them to develop new understandings of their problems and to gain skills and tools that can help them to best live with their condition. We also work closely with medical teams to help make sure that any psychological needs are considered and to help support medical engagement where needed.

We can also provide teaching and training relevant to your service’s population group and their needs.