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CVD: Heart Failure Service

Knowsley CVD Service - Heart Failure Service


The aim of the Community CVD Heart Failure Service is to deliver highly complex care for patients diagnosed with heart failure.

The service aims to:

  • improve quality of life
  • improve self care behaviours and self management 
  • maximise heart failure therapies in line with national guidelines to improve symptom control and life expectancy.

In addition, the service also:

  • provide heart failure nurse led clinics across the borough and domiciliary visits for housebound patients 
  • prevent and reduce hospital admissions through appropriate and timely interventions 
  • promotes multidisciplinary working to improve patient and carers quality of life and satisfaction 
  • ensure that patient experience is key to all aspects of the service 
  • identifies appropriate patients to attend cardiac rehabilitation 
  • provide education on heart failure and act as a specialist resource for other health professionals 
  • provide support and collaborative working for palliative patients and their families 
  • holistic assessments including the psychological needs of patients and carers
  • provide telehealth monitoring for those assessed as appropriate.

This is achieved by providing focused, personalised care and ongoing case management for the patient.


  • “...seamless transition from LHCH and home.  Feel like extended family.”
  • “...very involved in decisions about care, felt informed.”
  • “ call away.  Planned care together.  Worked around family.  Ability to change appointments.”
  • “Excellent!  Team have a great support system and answer any queries and make sure that you know you can call them if you need to.” 
  • “I am more at ease with the community service. I know what to expect.”
  • “There is a friendly and intimate atmosphere. It is about me and you.”   
  •  “Here in the community I am a person: there in the hospital I am not."