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Prof Mark Field

Honorary Associate Clinical Professor

Contact Details

Personal Assistant

Margaret Hughes 

Tel: 0151 600 1616


Responsibilities at LHCH

Consultant Aortic and Cardiac Surgery

Clinical Lead for Aortic Surgery

Area of Practice       

Cardiac Surgery with special interest in thoracic aortic surgery

Special Clinical Interests

Thoracic Aortic Surgery

Research Interests

My clinical research interests include quality outcome measures in aortic surgery and health economics. My basic sciences interest is in all aspects of aortopathy including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioengineering. I have a number of collaborations with University Liverpool and Imperial College, London through the Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine and Science.

Current Membership of Professional Regional and National Bodies  

  • Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

About you

Professor Field started higher education at the University of Leeds in 1986 with a BSc Hon in Biochemistry and Pharmacology. He then completed a DPhil in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford in 1993.

Following this training in research methods, he moved to the University of Nottingham to complete medical training (1993-1998), being awarded a BMed Sci (First class) and BMBS.

Post graduate surgical training took place within the Trent Surgical Rotation when he completed his MRCS. Cardiac Surgery training took place in Nottingham, Sheffield and Liverpool and finished in 2009.

He was appointed a consultant at LHCH in 2009.



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 Other non-aortic peer reviewed papers

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Book Chapters

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Letters to the Editor

1) Creatine supplementation in congestive heart failure,(1996). M. L. Field, Cardiovascular Research, 31, 174-175.

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Consensus Statement Document

Commentry on use of Cochrane IABP meta-analysis in Consensus Statement:

Field M & Theologou T 2011

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