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Cardio-oncology is the care of heart problems in cancer patients.

LHCH offer a comprehensive cardio-oncology service addressing the needs of patients before, during and after their cancer treatment. Our goal is to optimise the cardiovascular care of cancer patients, thus enabling oncology teams to deliver optimum systemic anti-cancer therapy.

Our team

Dr Rebecca Dobson

Lead Cardio-Oncologist

Dr Marousa Ntouskou

Consultant Radiologist

Professor Jay Wright

Consultant Cardiologist

Mr Andrew Muir

Cardiac Surgeon

Dr David Gent

PhD Research Fellow

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Marousa Ntouskou
Jay wRIGHT 524X392
Andrew Muir 524x392
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Dr Clare Hammond

Consultant Cardiologist

Mike Hall

Cardiac Physiologist

Patrick O'Driscoll

Cardiac Physiologist

Lesley Jackson

Cardiac Physiologist

Laura Mellor

Service Co-ordinator

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Laura Mellor Headshot

Cardio-oncology assessment

The cardio-oncology service will determine the investigations you need. This may include an ECG, ambulatory ECG, blood tests, transthoracic echocardiogram, CT scan and/or cardiac MRI scan.


Our Services

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