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Surgical Research

At Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital we contribute to numerous Clinical Trials involving patients undergoing surgery procedures.

The areas of research are various. Our current portfolio includes:

  • A national trial examining the use of post surgical blood  transfusions. It aims to establish if a reduction in the amount of blood transfusions received by patients could result in better patient outcomes following surgery. This national trial aims to improve post surgical wound healing and could reduce the length of patients hospital stay.
  • Further clinical trials look to improve outcomes for patients with kidney disease undergoing surgical procedures. Through filtering patients blood during surgery it is hoped the need for dialysis post surgery may be reduced, decreasing the amount of time patients spend in hospital and the discomfort of dialysis after surgery.
  • Finally, a small trial was established to examine the use of antibiotics following admission to critical care.  Researchers wish to establish if the total amount of common drugs prescribed could be reduced. If this trial is successful it may be expanded to a larger scale involving many hundreds of patients. 

Surgical Clinical Leads

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Research Nurses

Maureen Morgan

Nichola Clarkson

Lorraine McQuade

Siji Chackochen

Sherly Mathew