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Social Work at LHCH

    Social Work at LHCH

    Inpatient service:

    As LHCH is a regional hospital, and deal with patients from different authorities, LHCH fund a team from Liverpool Social Services to be the first point of contact during your stay if support services are required.

    The team will contact you during your admission, to ascertain if you have eligible care needs, and will then refer patients over to their own Local Authority (unless you are a Liverpool resident, and then you will be kept by the team for support).

    In some cases, the concerns you have may not be appropriate for your Local Authority, and therefore the team where possible with signpost you on to more appropriate services, such as Age UK, Age Wales, Red Cross, Royal Voluntary Service for support around shopping (* this is not available in all authorities so were possible please try and make arrangements prior to admission), or Welfare rights teams.

    Carers Support:

    If you are admitted to LHCH and are a carer for someone, please ensure the ward are aware on admission.  We cannot assess the cared for person this will need to be undertaken by your local authority for the careered for person as an individual.  However, we are able to sign post the carer for carers support. 

    Eligibility to services:

    You must have needs that are related to physical or mental illness.

    For example, needing assistance with personal care, mobility, transfers, toileting needs, or need to support to manage safely at home.

    Specialist services:

    LHCH also fund specialist Social Workers who will assist more holistically with people who are diagnosed with a Certain Lung Related Conditions, Palliative Conditions, Other Heart Condition, Cystic Fibrosis, or Adult Congenital Heart Disease. 

    The Social Workers work closely with the Multi-Disciplinary Teams for these specialisms, and you can discuss the need for a referral with your specialist nurse. 


    Departments contact number is 0151 282 6600.

    The team currently consists of:

    Katie Morgan, Team Leader.                                            Margaret Douglas, Social Care Assessor.

    Tracey Sweeney, Specialist Social Worker.                     Claire Kirby, Social Care Assessor.

    Tara Hallam Specialist Social Worker.


    We would welcome any feedback from patients, family and relatives who have used this service.

    Comments, Compliments and Complaints can be made via:

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