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Celebrating First in North West Sinus Venosus ASD/PAPVD stenting

The Adult Congenital Heart Disease Service Team were delighted to carry out their first SV-ASD/PAPVD stent implants at LHCH recently.

Two patients experiencing significant symptoms due to their Sinus Venosus ASD with partial Anomalous Pulmonary venous drainage, but who were unable to undergo heart surgery, were thrilled to be eligible for the custom-made stents.

As the second largest ACHD centre in the country, and one of only three centres in the UK able to provide this procedure, it was a significant achievement for the whole clinical team.

Dr Petra Jenkins, Consultant Cardiologist in Adult Congenital Heart Disease at LHCH, said: “The ACHD service in Liverpool has been established now for about 5 years and in that time we have become the second largest centre in the UK. We are taking on increasingly complex and state-of-the-art cases, adopting new innovations in congenital heart disease to improve overall patient care.

“As a collaborative multi-disciplinary team, we are definitely advancing innovation on a national basis and it gives us a huge sense of pride to be able to provide care and treatment to patients who previously were not considered eligible for surgery, due to increased risk or where post-operative recovery would prove to be challenging.

“The innovative procedure carried out, with custom-made stents due to the patients’ congenital heart issues, has been made possible thanks to the support and collaborative work undertaken with device manufacturers such as NuMED for Children. The result is that patients have a quick hospital stay and are able to go home the following day, without staying in ICU and a quick recovery.”

The clinical team was led by Dr Salim Jivanji, Consultant in Congenital Interventional Cardiology at Alder Hey and LHCH; Dr Arul Narayanan, Consultant in Congenital Interventional Cardiology at Alder Hey; Dr Suneil Aggarwal, Consultant Cardiologist in Adult Congenital Heart Disease at LHCH; and was supported on the day by Professor Eric Rosenthal, CHD Interventionist and Dr Saleha Kabir, lead echocardiographer from Evelina London Children’s Hospital, and Dr Petra Jenkins, ACHD Cardiologist, LHCH.