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Meet our Volunteers

A few weeks ago whilst I was carrying out my meet and greet role, I spotted a lady near to our volunteer desk who appeared to be upset.  I approached her and led her to the volunteer desk to sit and compose herself. 

I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her and she told me she was on her way to X-ray.  As she was still a little out of sorts, I asked if I could get her a drink or maybe something to eat.  The lady declined both and said that she was unable to eat or drink due to a specific test she was having in the x-ray department. 

After about 10 minutes when she felt more comfortable and at ease, I asked the lady if she would like a porter to take her to x-ray in a wheelchair.  She said that she did not want a wheelchair and so I offered to escort her.  She asked to link my arm and we walked at a pace that was steady and comfortable for her, chatting along the way.  

She was a little nervous of the test and I tried my best to reassure her and told her that Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital had an excellent reputation and that I was very proud to volunteer here and told her what the volunteers do.  Upon arrival at the x-ray department I asked the lady her name and advised staff of her arrival and also let them know that she had been a little upset.

A little later that morning, I was really pleased to see the lady in the café having a drink and a snack and she seemed much brighter.  The lady thanked me for my kindness earlier and it really made my day.

That day, I felt on top of the world and I was glad to have helped to make a difference to the lady’s visit to our hospital.  It is days like this that make my role as a volunteer at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital so worthwhile.