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    About diabetes

    Diabetes mellitus, and more specifically type 2 diabetes mellitus, has been described as a worldwide epidemic. The World Health Organisation reported in 2014 that an estimated 422 million people worldwide had diabetes, and it is predicted to effect in excess of 640 million people by 2040. It is also estimated that 318 million people currently have impaired glucose regulation and are at high risk of developing diabetes.

    In the UK, 4.5 million people have diabetes (October 2016) and Diabetes UK estimates that a further 5 million people in England are currently at risk of developing diabetes.  5 million people are expected to have a diagnosis of diabetes in 2025.

    Diabetes costs the NHS approximately 10% of the yearly budget with 80% of this spent on complications, many of which can be prevented.

    People with diabetes have a higher chance of developing cardiovascular disease (damage to the heart and blood vessels)

    The Diabetes Specialist Nursing Team at LHCH

    A team of specialist nurses provides care and support on all aspects of diabetes management for inpatients during their stay.   This includes diet and lifestyle advice, assistance with blood glucose monitoring, and advice regarding oral diabetes medications and insulin therapy.

    Patients are reviewed as frequently as they require and are encouraged to manage their condition as much as possible. The hospital operates a self-administration of insulin policy for those patients who wish to manage their insulin regimes themselves.

    Once discharged from LHCH, diabetes patients will return to the care of their usual care provider such as their GP, practice nurse or local diabetes service.  We will inform them of any diabetes medication changes needed, recent HbA1c results or prescription requests such as test strips/lancets.

    If further support is required, we can refer patients on to a local community diabetes service.

    For further information

    Diabetes Specialist Nurse: Tel: 0151 600 1482  (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) or via the Switchboard on 0151 600 1616.