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Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Cardiac Rehabilitation

    It has been proven that you can reduce your risk of having a further heart attack by up to 26% if you attend, and complete, a cardiac rehabilitation programme.

    Cardiac Rehab is a nationally recognised programme aimed at helping people with heart disease. You will be invited to join a programme if you have had a heart attack, heart surgery or had stents (angioplasty) or other heart conditions as it is vital part of your treatment.

    Cardiac Rehab can also help you regain your confidence by informing you of what you can do to help yourself and how you can reduce your risk of further problems, which may involve lifestyle changes to protect your heart.

    Whilst in hospital you will chat with the Cardiac Rehab Nurse or a Nurse on the ward who will offer advice on diet, alcohol, physical activity, stress management, medication and can also help and assist you to stop smoking .Your specific procedure will be discussed with you.

    You will then be referred to your local Hospital or Community Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme. You will be given a leaflet with Information and contact details of your local programme .The local programme will also provide you with further help, support and advice on healthy eating, weight loss, alcohol, stopping smoking, physical activity, stress management and medication.

    After you have been discharged from hospital you will be contacted  by phone or letter and /or a home visit from your local cardiac rehabilitation team.

    If you have not been contacted by your local Cardiac Rehab Programme within seven days of discharge from the hospital, please contact them directly on the number you were provided with or call 0151 600 1636.

    The programmes are organised and supervised, and tailored to meet your individual needs .Your Doctor and Nurse at our Hospital strongly recommend that you attend and complete a programme.

    After you have completed your programme you may be referred to a local leisure centre for a further physical activity programme.

    Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse

    Tel: 0151 600 1636