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Blood Transfusion

    Blood Transfusion

    Description of our Blood Transfusion Service 

    • Provides specialist advice to NHS staff regarding transfusion issues and helps enhance care and management of patients receiving blood component therapy. 
    • Provides technical and clinical advice on many aspects of transfusion to staff involved in the transfusion process. 
    • Provides guidance and support in service planning and development. 
    • Analyses transfusion incidents/near misses, where necessary facilitating change process to reduce continued risk to patients. 
    • Ensures that standards of care for patients are adhered to according to national guidelines, policies and legislation. 
    • Provides advice for the care of patients who are exposed to blood and components or alternatives to transfusion with regard to risk reduction and avoidance. 
    • Supports development of patient literature.

    Download the Transfusion Consent Leaflet

    Special instructions for patients

    • The Transfusion Practitioner works on a part-time basis and can be contacted via staff on the wards.

    Further Information

    • For further information about our Blood Transfusion Service, please contact: Valerie Wallace, Transfusion Practitioner (Specialist Nurse) - or call 0151 600 1616 (switchboard)