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Our Research Team

"This is a research active trust and you may be approached to take part in research." 

Our research team contributes to large national and international studies as well as local pilot studies, all of which aim to make significant advances in the treatment options offered to patients.

Maximising the potential of innovations for the improvement of patient care...

How we Conduct Our Research

At LHCH we follow the guidelines set for research by the Department of Health.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is part of the Department of Health; its main aim is commissioning and funding research focusing on improving outcomes for health and social care.

The key objective is to improve the quality, relevance, and focus of research in the NHS.


Prof (David) Jay Wright, Clinical Lead for Research


Jennifer Crooks, Deputy Director of Research & Innovation



Colette McGee, Research Governance Manager


Tel: 0151 600 1013 


Sheila Whyte, Research Administrator

Tel: 0151 254 3057


Christian Marsden, Data Manager

Tel: 0151 600 1004


Tom Collins, Data Manager

Tel: 0151 600 1010