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Thoracic Surgery

We have one of the largest and busiest lung surgical units in the country.   We provide a complete tertiary service to the surrounding region with respect to all types of lung surgery, with the exception of transplantation.  

The Trust is a national leader for research and audit, particularly with respect to thoracic surgical data collection and risk prediction for lung surgery.

In Summary: 

  • The Trust is unique in the UK for having an integrated team of specialists from both thoracic and general surgical backgrounds for the treatment of upper gastrointestinal cancer and oesophageal diseases in particular.
  • There are six highly skilled surgeons providing a comprehensive service across the region for the purposes of lung cancer meetings and general thoracic surgical clinics.
  • Patients with lung cancer comprise the largest group of patients seen by our surgeons not only for treatment by removal of their tumor but also in working closely with colleagues in Respiratory Medicine, Radiology, Oncology and Specialist Nursing to appropriately select patients who can benefit from surgery.
  • In addition to the treatment of primary lung cancer, many patients are treated for secondary lung malignancies (metastatectomy) and excellent links are in place with colorectal and hepatic surgeons and other specialists to treat these diseases.
  • Our surgeons and specialists are working together to find treatments to control and cure patients suffering from malignant mesothelioma. This disease is increasing in incidence worldwide and particularly here on Merseyside with its legacy of asbestos exposure from the ship building industry.
  • Minimally-invasive chest surgery, which was pioneered in Liverpool, has become part of the routine approach to many types of operations here at the Trust.   Procedures for pneumothorax treatment, lung biopsy and sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis and facialflushing are normally carried out via a minimally invasive approach.  Additionally we now offer a full range of advanced thoracoscopic techniques including minimally invasive lobectomy (surgery to remove lung cancer) and are now one of the largest volume centers in the UK for this procedure.
  • The hospital has developed a specialised thoracic surgical high dependency unit to care for patients immediately after their operations.   Patients are usually well enough to be discharged home within a week of a major chest procedure.

Our Team

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