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The Team

The aortic team consists of specialist cardiac surgeons and  cardiothoracic anaesthetists and other staff groups with an interest in treating aortic disease such as perfusionists (manage heart lung machine), surgical care practitioners (assist in surgery) and nurses in theatres and intensive care.

The wider team includes the clinical nurse practitioners (assist in ward care) and administrative and management support. 

Current surgeons

Current anaesthetists with a specialist interest

Extended Vascular Service

We have close working relations with Vascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology colleagues (specialists in X-ray techniques) in the region (Liverpool Vascular & Endovascular Service - LiVES) with regular discussion of complex multi-disciplinary cases as well as formal Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings on a monthly basis. Joint operating on selected cases occurs frequently through the year. 

The Liverpool Aortic Fellowship Collective 

The Service supports the training of senior trainees and junior consultants from other centres both nationally and internationally.

To-date this programme has received funding from Heart Research UK, Vascutek and Ethicon Fellowship Programme. 


1) The Liverpool Thoracoabdominal Aortic Research Fellowship

 - starting 2020

2) The Liverpool Cardiovascular Distal Aorta Clinical Fellowship

- starting 2020

3) The Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Vascutec Clinical Aortic Fellowship 

The Aortic Fellowship from 2018 is funded by Vascutek and called the LHCH-Vascutek Clinical Aortic Fellowship. The position is advertised on NHS jobs and appointment will be by competitive process. See the job description.


Past and present Cardiac Aortic Fellows (in historical order)

Miss Deborah Harrington (currently consultant surgeon LHCH) 

Professor Tristan Yan (currently consultant Sydney)  

Mr Cesare Quatro (currently consultant surgeon Brompton)

Mr Haris Bilal (currently consultant surgeon Manchester)

Mr Omar Nawaytou (currently consultant surgeon LHCH)

Mr Adbul Nasir (Locum Consultant Wolverhampton Hospital)

Mr Vincenzo Giordano (currently consultant in Edinburgh)


Miss Rashmi Birla (currently consultant in Glasgow)


Mr Ahmed A Othman (current consultant surgeon at LHCH)


Mr Ayman Kenawy


Past and Present Vascular Aortic Fellows (in historical order)


Miss Niamh Hynes (currently in Western Vascular Institute, Ireland)


Mr Robert Doonan (currently consultant vascular surgeon in Montreal, Canada)