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Interstitial Lung Disease

Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) refers to a group of not uncommon respiratory conditions, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), sarcoidosis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, ILD associated with rheumatologic conditions, as well as a wide range of less common conditions.

The incidence of IPF is estimated at 12 cases per 100,000 per year, and its prognosis is similar to that of many cancers. Accurate diagnosis is essential for optimal management and many patients require close monitoring and follow up by a respiratory physician with a special interest in ILD and a specialist ILD nurse. For best practice, The British Thoracic Society advocates a multidisciplinary approach.

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital has been running a weekly specialist clinic dedicated to patients with ILD since 2004. LHCH also houses the Regional Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit, where many patients undergo the thoracoscopic lung biopsies, sometimes required for accurate diagnosis.

The clinic is led by Dr Hilal, Consultant Respiratory Physician, who has a special interest in ILD and supported by a specialist ILD nurse. There is a weekly multidisciplinary meeting, where complex cases are discussed, attended by two respiratory radiologists, a thoracic surgeon, a thoracic pathologist and other specialists. We also have close links with the Lung Transplantation Unit at University Hospital South Manchester, Wythenshawe.

The service is supported by a state of the art lung function laboratory. There is access to the onsite pulmonary rehabilitation programme to help patients cope with their symptoms, the oxygen assessment service, to support those who require home oxygen treatment and also access to occupational therapy and palliative care teams as required.

The clinic provides training in ILD for the specialist registrars in respiratory medicine. In addition, LHCH has a well established research and development infrastructure with an excellent track record in innovative research.

Lead ILD Consultant - Dr E Hilal

ILD Specialist Nurse - Mrs Linda Johns co-ordinates the service and provides support for patients and families from the initial diagnosis to treatment management, to trying to help improve the quality of life for patients facing life limiting conditions.

ILD Clinics are held every Thursday afternoon and the ILD Specialist Nurse also holds an additional clinic on Monday afternoons.

How to contact the team

Linda Johns, ILD Specialist Nurse, is available on: 0151 600 1172

Mon-Thurs 8.30am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 12noon 

Or via email: linda.johns@lhch.nhs.uk


Dr Hilal’s secretary Amanda Jones is available on: 0151 600 1146.

Mon- Fri 8am -4pm

Or via email: amanda.jones@lhch.nhs.uk