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Patient Story 1

I started getting some chest pain and tightness in my jaw last Monday. I thought I had indigestion. As I was due to go away the following day, I thought I had better get it checked out. I went to a hospital near home.

There I was informed about your hospital and the doctor suggested going across to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hosptial by ambulance. I did not know anything about this hospital before I came but was told it was the right place to be.

I was still convinced it was still indigestion so was not too nervous on arrival, I was remarkably calm. 

When I arrived I was greeted by friendly staff and was confident they knew what they were doing. All the staff introduced themselves by name and the nursing staff explained that they would take me through to the cath lab shortly and my condition would be investigated and treated. I was still not nervous, I felt I was in capable hands.   Within 3-4 minutes, I was taken into the catheter lab – what really impressed me was the technology. As a business man I was more interested in looking around than thinking what would be happening. Already I had developed such a positive impression of your hospital. 
The speed and efficiency was phenomenal in a very distinct fashion. The nurses and staff in the lab were talking to me very calmly. I was told exactly what would happen and in awe of what was going on. I was moved on to the theatre bed and people were constantly telling me what would be happening but in a calm way, I was never flustered or worried. I remained calm at all times.
I then met the Doctor who performed the procedure. He had such a reassuring manner and he said he was not totally convinced that what was going on was very serious, but his words were ‘we will take a look’. As an individual I am a bit wimpish, I am a big fellow and don’t like to admit it but I am a bit of a wimp.   What I liked, I felt incredibly reassured that these people knew exactly what they were doing but had a way of imparting the information.
I was informed every step of the way, they told about the injection before the procedure, that I would feel a hot flush. The personal centred care was exceptional. I think I was in the lab about 30-40 minutes and I was fascinated what I could see on the screen and they informed me that there was a blockage and words were’ don’t worry we can fix this for you’.   The service was amazing.
I was taken to the coronary care, not knowing what to expect and once again I was very impressed. There were two nurses and one doctor.   I then met the domestic who was a lovely chap and very helpful and friendly.   Both nurses were of similar persona and informed everything what they were doing and almost apologising for the intrusion when they were checking my observations. Care was with feeling - such personalised care. I could not have gotten any better if I had paid tens of thousands of pounds. I found the coronary care first class, bright, clean and easy to relax in.
I was then transferred to Birch Ward, and although this older part of the hospital, nevertheless, this was kept in good order and again spotlessly clean. There were things you notice when you work in business, and I enjoy talking to people and all the staff was willing to talk and engage. The domestics took the time to speak to me and when I commented on how clean the hospital was, they explained their routines, the checks they have and that they were proud of their work. 
The food was lovely – poached salmon, I could have been in a restaurant. 
My overall impression was of ‘care’. My stay was from Monday – Thursday – Even in the discharge lounge the care continued. I was in the care of a young, very good matter of fact young nurse. We chatted and I discussed that I always try to be positive and focused on work as I run a large legal business. She was only young but had a reassuring air of authority, she reminded me what I had been treated for and advised that I need to slow down, rest and give myself time to heal. She was very realistic and I really respected what she told me, she had a certain way of doing this. 
I was given the literature to take home that was very informative and advised that I would need to go to cardiac rehabilitation. 
I know I have had a heart attack but I cannot stop telling my friends and family of the exceptionally excellent care and service I have received from all staff at LHCH. 
The human side of your hospital is as much part of the recuperation and rehabilitation as the medication. The scientific medical care saves lives but the personal side, repairs and restores health and this is clearly instilled in your staff. It is so clear that all staff are working towards one goal – providing excellent care. I felt welcomed, special and cared for. It was a pleasure to be in your hospital and my experiences was of exceptional excellence and admit I am not quick to compliment but feel this is very important to share my story with you.

Published - September 2011