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What Patients say about us

"Why go anywhere else?"

“Even before I arrived at the hospital entrance I knew I was going to be in safe hands.  Everyone says Liverpool Heart and Chest is a great hospital but what greeted me that day still took me by surprise.

“They were expecting me”

The appointment had been arranged to fit in with my schedule and I’d already received a Welcome Pack telling me what to expect from arrival to discharge, but walking into the state-of-the-art building and being met personally by someone who was there just for me took this far beyond a typical hospital visit"

"My care was planned with me and for me"

From the named Support Nurse who will be at the other end of the phone whenever needed, to spending time with the world-class Consultant explaining personally what will happen in the procedure; From the Patient Contract that outlines exactly what our patients can expect throughout their stay, to the agreed Aftercare Plan that allows them to return home feeling safe and secure; Our Vision is for patients to feel that their care was planned with them and for them.

“They made me feel special”

Our vision is 100% inclusion; making our patients and their families feel involved in every step of their tests and treatment.  We want to alleviate as much fear as possible, ensuring patients feel comfortable and supported throughout their stay and simply taking the time to chat to them because we know it makes a difference.

“They really know what they were doing“

You don’t win accolades such as ‘Best Overall Patient Care in England’ without getting a lot of things right, but now we want to take things to another level. Not only offering clinical excellence and first rate patient care, but nutritious food that promotes recovery in an environment that is clean and modern, infection free, easily accessible, smartly decorated and with satellite TV - in fact, something akin to a five-star hotel that happens to offer the very best cardiothoracic care in the UK.

“Their support really did continue and my quality of life got better.”

“After I got home I imagined that every twinge or feeling of discomfort was going to send me back into hospital but I was able to speak to my Support Nurse who was happy to answer all my questions and concerns. Being able to talk to such a dedicated and knowledgeably member of staff relieved all my fears and I was able to continue my rehabilitation with peace of mind, knowing that LHCH staff would be there for me”


Our Patient and Family Experience Vision will deliver:
  • An exceptional patient and family experience
  • Motivated staff, seeing LHCH as an even better place to work
  • The most effective use of our resources
  • Focus for our other strategies and plans