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Coronary Care Unit

Sister Kate Lambe and her team would like to welcome you Coronary Care Unit

Our Coronary Care Unit has 10 single rooms.

Ward Manager Contact Details

Kate Lambe

Telephone: 0151 600 1142

Email: Kate.Lambe@lhch.nhs.uk

Ward Reception Contact Details

Ward Clerks

Telephone: 0151 600 1173

What Type of Patients stay on the Coronary Care Unit?

Patients come to the Coronary Care Unit following a heart attack and usually stay for between 12-24 hours.

We also look after high risk patients requiring coronary intervention, cardiac monitoring, intravenous drugs and/or devices.

As patients improve, they are usually ‘stepped down’ to our cardiology ward, Birch Ward.

Special Instructions for Patients on the Coronary Care Unit 

  • All rooms in the Coronary Care Unit are single
  • Each room has the use of personal phone
  • Please let us know if you bring your own electrical items with you as they need to be tested by our on-site maintenance team prior to use

Family Information  

  • Relatives/visitor rooms available. 
  • Children under 12 years: Please speak to the nurse in charge in advance if you wish to bring younger children to visit.
  • No flowers

On Coronary Care, we promote ‘Patient and Family Centred Care’.  This means that we encourage patients, family members and carers to be active partners in care and involved in all decision making as much as possible whilst in hospital.

This enables us to plan individualised nursing care for patients and to better assess what information and support will be necessary to continue their recovery at home.

We encourage you to ask questions and we will always try to keep you updated with all relevant information.

Please do not hesitate to ask any members of staff should you need any assistance. 

Visiting Times  

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital operates an open door policy for family and friends. This means that wherever possible, we welcome you spending time with your loved ones when it is convenient for you.

While we know that patients need rest, we also believe that having loved ones nearby, while they are in hospital, often makes them more comfortable and speeds up their recovery.

As a family member, carer or friend of a patient, we know that your needs are also important, especially during this often stressful time. We want you to feel part of their journey through our hospital and be as involved in their care as you would like to be.

There are no restrictions on visiting times or the number of visitors, but there may be times when we may ask you to leave, for example, during medical procedures or emergencies. However if this is necessary, we would discuss it with you at the time.


Finding the Coronary Care Unit

Within the Critical Care Department

Access to the Coronary Care Unit

Via a Intercom system

Meal Times 
  • 12:00 -2:00 pm
  • 5:00 - 6:00 pm