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Learning Disability Support Service

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The Learning Disability Support Service exists to promote access to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital for people with learning disabilities, by directly supporting people, developing hospital and community systems, influencing strategies and policies and educating hospital staff.

Joanne Shaw, Lead Nurse for PFCC and Safeguarding, works with any adult and child with a learning disability who requires additional support to access hospital services within Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital regardless of their geographic location.

Joanne can assist with:

  • Co-ordination of care – at points of attendance, admission and discharge
  • Education within clinical areas and contributing to programmes of education
  • Support and advice for acute care staff in relation to personalised care and service delivery
  • Collaboration between the agencies involved in service delivery to ensure effective seamless care
  • Development and enhance standards of care for all patients with a learning disability attending the acute hospital
  • Promotion of effective communication with those involved in the patient’s care – whether they are community or hospital based
  • Support of a relative or a family member with a learning disability who is affected by the patient’s illness/ hospital stay
  • Promote safety and minimise risk
  • Provide accessible information about treatments
  • Promote positive experiences and outcomes
  • Promote Reasonable Adjustment
  • Capacity/ Consent and Best Interest decision making
  • Help with research


Who is it for?

Anyone with a learning disability (plus their carers and hospital staff), who need support, advice and guidance whilst they are accessing acute hospital services.


About Joanne 

Joanne Shaw

Lead Nurse for PFCC and Safeguarding

Email: joanne.shaw@lhch.nhs.uk

Mobile: 07976858846

Joanne trained as an Registered General Nurse in 2000 gaining vast experience in a variety of settings and specialties, including cardiac and thoracic surgery, cystic fibrosis, training and education, practice education facilitator, productive ward project lead, service improvement lead and now lead for patient and family experience and safeguarding.

Joanne works, mainly during office hours, to provide support for people with a learning disability, to ensure patient and family centred care and support, and to help them understand aspects of their health care.

She will provide psychological support to help prepare for an appointment or admission, as well as supporting staff on how best to meet the needs of the patient while they are at the hospital. She will also help to plan for aftercare/discharge and give advice regarding mental capacity and best interest decision making.


How to make a referral

Joanne operates an open referral system. As such, referrals can be made by anyone involved in the patient’s care, or by the patient themselves.

Referrals can be made:

  • Direct (face-to-face-verbal or by other communication method)
  • Tel (including voicemail): 0151 600 1857
  • Email: joanne.shaw@lhch.nhs.uk
  • Letter: Joanne Shaw, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, Thomas Drive, Broadgreen site, L14 3PE