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Making Every Contact Count

A new campaign aimed at reducing health inequalities in Cheshire and Merseyside is being launched. The campaign is called Making Every Contact Count (MECC) and its goal is to create behavioural change on a large scale.

Every week there are millions of interactions between the public and healthcare workers - one million every 36 hours, in fact.

By giving workforce colleagues across the region consistent, simple messages they can use those conversations to point the public towards services that help improve their health and wellbeing.

Those conversations don’t need to be long. A chat as brief as thirty seconds could be all it takes to help signpost people towards better decisions about their lifestyle.

The main preventable health inequalities we want to target are issues caused by smoking, drinking and lack of exercise, as well as issues surrounding mental health. 36% of adults don’t get the recommended amount of exercise each week, and the NHS spends £17.9bn a year on illnesses caused by smoking, weight and alcohol.

With MECC, this will hopefully change for the better.

Keep an eye on the MECC Moments website www.mecc-moments.co.uk for more information.


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