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Heart and Chest Matters Podcast

The HEART & CHEST MATTERS podcast focuses on some of the extraordinary people who provide specialist heart and chest care or services to patients and families at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. 


Episode 5: Lung cancer awareness and the Health Check Programme

The impact of lung cancer can be devastating. In this episode, Dr Martin Ledson, Consultant Respiratory Physician at LHCH, talks about the importance of raising awareness of lung cancer as well as highlighting the impact of the Lung Health Check Programme - what it is, who it's aimed at, and how it can be accessed.  

Find out more about lung cancer awareness and the Lung Health Check Programme  

Episode 4: Skin Damage: Prevent, Protect, Promote

Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD) is a significant issues. It's an umbrella term covering a range of skin damage caused by repeated or prolonged moisture on the skin. In this podcast, Julie Tyrer, Tissue Viability Nurse Consultant at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, explains all about MASD - what it is, why it's a problem and what more can be done, including supporting a brand new awareness day on March 17th. 

Find out more about how you or your team can get involved with MASD Awareness Day on March 17th  



Episode 3: Blue Monday and Mind Matters

Dr Jo Jury and Olivia Parry from the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Psychology Team discuss the importance of mental health and wellbeing, highlight helpful resources, signpost to services and think about the importance of 'Blue Monday' in raising awareness of these issues.  


Episode 2: Sustainability, green awareness and COP26

Why is sustainability and creating a greener NHS so important? Tom White, Sustainability Lead at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, discusses this big question, highlighting what has been and what is being done, what else is still to come and how we all have a vital role to play.... as well as thinking about the impact of COP26.    

  • https://audioboom.com/posts/7968983-sustainability-green-awareness-and-cop26 

Episode 1: Cardiology, covid and online education

Dr Vishal Luther, Consultant Cardiologist, Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer and Founder of Cardiowebinar.com discusses online cardiology education and the benefits for healthcare professionals, particularly in light of covid. 

  • https://audioboom.com/posts/7952880-cardiology-covid-and-online-education