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Telehealth in Cardiac Surgery (TICS)

Date: 15 May 2023 02:10

LHCH is undertaking a new randomised clinical trial called Telehealth in Cardiac Surgery (TICS), looking at the periods either side of the hospital stay for patients undergoing heart surgery, and at the time spent at home before coming to hospital and the time back at home after discharge and post surgery.

One patient involved in remote cardiac monitoring, recently shared his experience with us and you can watch his full story here or below. 

For patients taking part in the study, they will either be managed as normal (current standard of care with no telehealth monitoring) or they will be given instructions and equipment on how to monitor their condition at home (telehealth monitoring) – measuring their heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, weight and step count, and answering a series of weekly health questions.

One of the aims of the study is to find out if regular monitoring at home, with a smart device (telehealth monitoring), helps to improve quality of life for a patient undergoing heart surgery. We would also like to see if regular monitoring can prevent any worsening of their condition that may require them to seek additional medical help or their surgery being delayed.

For further information, please contact 0151 600 1370 or 0151 254 3028 or TEXT: 07835 138 361.