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Healthy Families Heart and Lung Project Returns

Date: 26 September 2022 03:06

There are 7.6 million people living with cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the UK, and it is the largest cause of premature death in deprived areas. However, it's also been identified as the single biggest area where the NHS can save lives over the next 10 years.

This has inspired Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital (LHCH) and charity, Heart Research UK, to create a project to improve the heart health of the local Liverpool population.

Following the success of its first healthy heart and lung day in June, LHCH is delighted that its next event will take place at Barlows Primary School, Fazakerley, and the Lidl Supermarket opposite the school, on Wednesday 5th October 2022. 

As part of the day, the school's teachers, as well as the pupils' carers and parents will also have the opportunity to get their blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol and body mass index (BMI) checked by clinical teams.

Trained professionals from Aintree Primary Care Network and Liverpool City Council will also be on hand, along with Everton in the Community and Fazakerley Children's Centre, to support attendees by:

  • registering those who are NOT registered with a GP to a practice that is readily accessible to them 
  • providing advice, support and signposting to local services 
  • offering advice and support to attendees on how to make positive lifestyle changes e.g. stop smoking services, alcohol and diet advice
  • supporting with the opportunistic diagnostic checks
  • providing information on library services in the community

As part of the programme, the team will return to the school later in the Autumn to educate pupils on the importance of heart health. Year 6 students will take part in Heart Research UK's primary school programme where they will be taken on an exciting educational journey through the heart, using virtual reality and computer games.

The programme is entirely free for schools and covers all the heart and circulatory points on the KS2 curriculum.

For further information about the Healthy Families Heart Project, please visit: https://heartresearch.org.uk/primary-schools-programme/