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'Diddy Man' unveiled at LHCH in memory of Sir Ken

Date: 12 March 2020 09:26

A special ‘Diddy Man’ has been unveiled by Lady Anne Dodd at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital in memory of her late husband, the great Sir Ken Dodd and in recognition of their support of the hospital and its charity over many years.

As the most well-known member of the ‘Diddy Men’, the ‘Dicky Mint’ character was chosen in discussions with Lady Dodd as he was based specifically on Sir Ken.

An accompanying plaque read,

Sir Ken Dodd, OBE – He loved life. He loved Liverpool. He loved to make people laugh’.

The Diddy Man and plaque have been placed on the LHCH Charity - Orchard Way– a special area of the hospital where people can leave memories and dedications to a loved one.

Lady Dodd, who performed the unveiling, said she was very touched to see the Diddy Man on the walls of the hospital and very grateful to everyone who had cared for and supported them over the years.

Jane Tomkinson, Chief Executive at LHCH, said: “Sir Ken was much-loved by the people of Liverpool, and brought happiness, laughter and smiles wherever he went, even as a patient in hospital.

"We’re pleased to have this memory of Sir Ken on display and so grateful to Lady Anne for her ongoing support.”