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Diabetes Week - 8th June - 14th June 2020

Date: 08 June 2020 01:41

Coronavirus and Diabetes - What can I do to reduce my risk?

  • The data shows there are risk factors which can put you at an increased risk of poorer outcomes if you catch coronavirus – including weight and if you have a history of high blood sugar levels.
  • We’re not sure why this increases the risk, but it may be that people with higher blood sugar levels are more likely to have some underlying complications. And obesity can increase your risk of developing infections and makes it harder for your body to fight them. 
  • This means it’s really important that you continue to manage your condition carefully, and keep your blood sugar levels within your target range as much as possible. 


People with diabetes must be able to access support to manage their diabetes and keep themselves safe

  • Having access to healthy food is important to people with diabetes and this has not always been easy when there has been such pressure on delivery slots. This issue has been raised with both government and supermarkets, and will continue to do so. It’s also important that people with diabetes have access to other forms of support, for example to help with collecting medication from pharmacies where needed and for transport to urgent hospital appointments, which can’t be conducted remotely. 
  • Health and social care services are dealing with a challenging situation and must be supported to ensure people with diabetes can continue to access the services, information and care they need during this difficult time, including emotional and psychological support. 


Where can I find Support?

  • We know that this continues to be a worrying time, and we will continue to do all we can to press for the best possible advice, information and support to keep people with diabetes safe. 
  • A dedicated helpline has also been introduced, together with Diabetes UK, Novo Nordisk and Insulet, to advise those who need help with insulin. To get in touch for answers, support or just to talk things through about diabetes.
    Call: 0345 123 2399*, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Email: helpline@diabetes.org.uk
  • If you have a scheduled hospital or other medical appointment during this period, talk to your GP or specialist to make sure you continue to get the care you need and find out which of these appointments are absolutely essential. Your hospital may need to cancel or postpone some clinics and appointments so you should contact your hospital or clinic to confirm appointments.