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Hospital charity urging public to donate their last tenner

Date: 13 September 2017 09:32

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity is calling on the public to give a timely boost to its #10000Tenners campaign by donating their soon to be replaced paper £10 notes.

With the introduction of the Bank of England’s brand new polymer tenner today, Thursday 14th September, replacing the old paper £10 notes, millions of pounds currently in the public domain will cease to be legal tender from spring 2018.

LHCH Charity is now asking local people to send their old paper tenners and at the same time help to bring robotic heart and chest surgery to Liverpool.

The #10000Tenners fundraising campaign is helping towards the cost of a new £2 million surgical robot, enabling more patients requiring specialist cardiothoracic treatment to benefit from this state-of-the-art surgery. The new robot will also ensure even better treatment for patients, with reduced pain following surgery, quicker recoveries and faster return back home to loved ones and normal activities. 

Mary Liley, Head of Fundraising at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity, said: “We’re always trying to find novel ways that the public can support our work, and we’re hoping that they will get behind this campaign.

“People probably haven’t realised that with the introduction of the new polymer tenner this week, there will only be a few months left to spend the old paper £10 note before they’re removed from circulation.

“The thought of money ending up being sat in drawers, piggybanks or old coats and not being used is sad, especially as these tenners could really be put to good use with our robotic surgery campaign.’’

However, there is a way that members of the public can guarantee to get their £10 back.

Mary added: “A phrase is printed on the old £10 note which says, ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand’. This means that the Bank of England is duty bound to exchange your note.

“However, you have to swap it in person at the Bank of England’s head office, in London and for many people this might not be possible.

“So instead, we’re asking people to simply send us their old tenners so that we can exchange them as a donation to the charity. In return, you will be helping to deliver the UK’s first robotic heart and lung surgery programme.

“With the backing of the public, we will be able to ensure that more patients requiring specialist cardiothoracic treatment can benefit from cutting edge surgery.”


You can send your old tenners to, LHCH Charity Office, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, Thomas Drive, Liverpool, L14 3PE.

To find  out more about ’#10000Tenners’ and the hospital’s campaign to bring robotic surgery to Liverpool, visit www.lhchcharity.org.uk or call the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity office on 0151 600 1409 or Text ROBT01 £10 to 70070 to make a £10 donation.